What does your dream home look like?  We aim to support people in achieving sustainable , affordable accommodation.


Coho Mates is a revolutionary website for the New Zealand housing market. 

Our aim is to assist you to connect with like-minded people to join together and enter into various types of co-living housing options. 

Whilst financial viability is an aim, improved well-being due to the benefits of living in community are the main reason to pursue Co-Housing.

We are looking at a range of between 3 and 35 groups of people acting together.

By matching with other users who share your housing aspirations you can afford to purchase a home to live in, land to build on or other arrangements with less financial risks and increased legal protection.

We have a team who facilitates this process as much or as little as needed! In these early stages we are seeking input as to where there are clusters of people interested in the benefits of Co-living so we can focus our support efforts.

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