CoHo Mates NZ

We link you with like minded people in your area to get housing options sorted!

What is co-housing?

Co-housing is a variety of models that integrate private and community shared space on the same site.
Community developments are often more cost-effective than individual developments and allow for efficient use of space and resources.

This is economically, socially and medically beneficial.

Co-housing addresses issues of affordability, ecological impact and community building.

They are usually small, residential projects that have the following features:

 - privately owned individual homes
 - large multi-use common facilities creating a stronger sense of community
 - a healthy balance between community and privacy
 - elements of self-management, trust and familiarity

This website is to help you find others who are willing to go along the CoHo Journey with you. 

This is only 1 step in the complex process as you will see in the CoHo Pathways diagram here.

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